08 April 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon 2013

I've always wanted to participate in a marathon but never had a chance.
Since my exam is over and yada yada, I knew this was my only chance.
So I started searching for the latest marathon and cam upon MWM.

I hesitated at first because it's a women marathon which means, Tybalt cannot go with me.
But the venue is I-City! So so sooo close to my place. (Compared to those in KL)
And it's in April, good timing. Heheh.
I looked through all the events and realised, this is not one of the usual ones.
There's no event tee, no medal but a pendant instead and, and I forgot.

I wanted to join the fun run, cause you know, I'm slow and slow and slow and lousy. 
BUT! The fun run got no pendant! Only certificates. For what like that?! T.T (I later found out the top 100 gets a pendant too -_-)
Then I thought, why not just join the 21 km one?
Tried to find people to run with me cause I know 21 km is way too long for my standard.
Oh ya, when I told my family and friends of my intention to join it, everyone gave a similar reaction.
Something like, "You siao ah?!"
My brother discouraged me kao kao cause he said, 10 km also can die already.

But I think I already registered or something cause early bird cheaper.
And, thank God for Poh Mun cause she helped me to pay first (Cause I do not own a credit card)
Regretted a LITTLE cause everyone said it would be too difficult.
I thought I still had time to train cause it's in a month or so, but when I Google-d all the training plans, walaoeh, AT LEAST 3 months. *faints*

So I diligently trained for it every evening for 3 hours.
Lol kidding la, I got no discipline -_-
When I syok, I jog, when I'm not, I don't. 
I didn't even push myself cause I didn't wanna injure myself.
I conjured up SO many excuses for myself so that I don't need to train. Shit motivation.
And and, I NEVER had a long mile training. I know right, what kind of lousy training.
I had to spent so much on this marathon that my majority of my first pay went to my mom to pay my debts. Lolol.
I didn't even manage to break into my shoes on time! Ugh. Long story.

After all the nonsense I had to go through, it's THE DAY!
Woke up at 3 a.m. and started to prepare. Stretch a little bit cause I thought go there only stretch la.
Reached the venue and I wanted to cry!
Everyone looked so prepared with their gears and everything. 
And their attire, haih.
And here I am, with NOTHING except a chocolate gel pack in my pocket with my primary days handkerchief, wearing my brothers clothes. 
And I felt quite lonely cause almost everyone had a partner and those who didn't looked so experienced that they don't need anyone with them. 

When they asked us to proceed to the starting line, I realised, I HAVEN'T WARM UP PROPERLY, DIE!
Hahah, stupid right. Haih, stupidity level Theola.
Oh ya, they got do warm up together, but I went to the toilet that time cause I scared. 
Of course at the starting line I went right to the back but after a while there's another crowd gathered behind me. -_-
When they released us, I WALKED. EVERYONE JOGGED BUT I WALKED. You stupid, bro?!
Heheh no la, cause I know I'm slow so I walk first, let all the fast runners cut me. I was really at the back After like 5 minutes only I started my slow jog. Kekeke.
To be honest, people who look "unfit" run the fastest and longest.

I remember half way through I saw it was already 15 km and I thought, walao, I superwoman ah reach so fast and then passed by another sign board for my category and it's only 11 km -_-
The 11th to 15th km was the toughest cause the roads were more inclined ( My strength level = 0 )
My ankles hurt like mad, my feet feels like it's gonna get blister anytime soon and my knees, MY KNEES. 
Pain was all I felt but I kept pushing and telling myself, you can die later, not now. Hahah.

I think this time, I was mentally more strong cause I stopped more in my school's cross country compared to this half marathon.
The last 6 km was never ending but I kept pushing and encouraging myself. 
At that point I knew I my legs would cramp anytime but I didn't slow down. Lol stubborn.
And before I know it, it's over.

I had fun. Tremendous fun cause most of the time I was not thinking about anything. (that's what I've always enjoyed bout jogging)
And it was really awesome to jog half way and realise, eh sunrise liao. Heh.
The people there were really supportive. Oh and I consumed too much sugar. 
My first half marathon and it took me 2 hours 50 minutes and 10 seconds. 
I believe I can go faster, so next time, I'll be more disciplined in my training and do my best. 
I would definitely want to join the full marathon before I'm 23. 

So what's my plan?
Okay, this, I have to FIND TIME.


Aisha said...

Congrats! :DDD I want to join a marathon too. but will probably start with 5k -.-" hahaha

Theola said...

Hehehe thank you! =D Try 10km. I'm sure you'll be able to =)