24 October 2014

This whole waiting thing, it's shit isn't it?

21 September 2014

Siem Reap

Apparently the prettiest temple, but all I could see was tourists. #notimpressed

10 July 2014

Late Night Rantings.

Looking through old photographs. I used to look at it all the time. A bit of a psycho if you ask me.

1. My dad brings his camera everywhere. He loves loves taking pictures. He would be the modern day guy-forever-with-his-dslr.

2. Tybalt makes a lot of funny faces when photographed. I even laughed when I saw some (I hardly laugh at anything besides humans).

3. I'm not sure if I'm an unhappy kid. I see myself sulking in most of my pictures. I didn't even change much. Except my face grew bigger so my eyes looked way smaller. And I WAS snow white, now I'm just hot black.

4. I had shit haircuts. Either that, or no hair. Bald since forever. Probably explains why I look like a boy those days.

5. My sleeping position didn't change. Used to sleep on my belly, still do.

6. As a child, I used to have pretty crazy tan lines. My body was quite muscular too (probably cause skinny). Hahah, self-praise.

7. My brothers and I, all 3 of us used to have the same nose. Not literally of course. Not sure now.

8. One of the photo reminded me of an incident. My dad hanged his phone on my neck. Then we went to eat and I placed the phone on the table and my grandma accidentally spilled water on the phone and it went crazy for a while and I felt damn damn guilty and kept saying sorry to my dad. He didn't blame me in the first place but still.

P/S: Mom used to shout at me around 1 am asking me to sleep. But since I only sleep after 5.30 or 6. am, now she just tells me to sleep latest by 3 am. I must be a horrible child.

05 July 2014

i just want to disappear hahahah

21 June 2014

Meet my Korean friend.

This is Lee SeoHee, the prettiest, bravest and richest (lolol) among the lot of us. She went back to Korea yesterday after a year of exchange programme. When we sent her off, against her will (we sneaked up on her) she said "I don't want to cry" "No, no, no crying. We just want to send you off." Seeing her waving from a distance, we almost cried but didn't la, tahan macho. 
I guess no more using Korean words until we find another Korean friend hahah. Being in Malaysia for only a year, she traveled to more places here than we all did. 

She's the girl who buys lots of snacks and distributes it to everyone. Buy lots of food, doesn't finish it and gives it to everyone. The one who gets lots of attention. The one lecturers always look at and mention. Trollolol she hates it. 

I think many expected her to be into Kpop and all that but she's the total opposite. She watches ang moh shows only :P I wish we spent more time with her when she was around but that will now only be wishful thinking. 

I will miss you pabo, mongchun. Albeit a short encounter, I hope you had the time of your life. You certainly gave us great memories, being our cool Korean friend. 

05 June 2014

Captain emo.

That one night, when the world is awfully lonely. 

02 June 2014

Past the point of no return.

Like a crazy woman, except, I'm totally crazy.
Dazed, totally dazed.
Are you satisfied with your actions?
Disappointed, totally disappointed.
I want to fly.
My dreams are small.
How do you measure dreams anyway?
Steered, almost lost, but not.
I'm crazy, I truly am.

Nothing. I just miss my iPod really really much.

10 May 2014

Oh I miss the comfort of this house.

Honestly, Sarawak is boring. Probably cause I'm so used to looking at buildings everywhere and the convenience of going to a mamak late at night. Over here, they close shop at 9 p.m.! Nineee! The moment your "kick" comes, hahah, you have to go back home. But, the same thing that I hate, I will also miss when I'm back to Klang. The hype (buildings, lolol) is substituted with a spectacular view instead. Maybe because the land is higher here, so it's somewhat misty in the morning (but when hot really mega hot). When you travel, you will instantly feel relaxed cause there's only beautiful fields, mountains and trees. Every time I'm in the car I damn kampung, go "wah wah." Heheh.

 Misty misty.

 On our way to Kg. Mujat. Roads leading to anywhere except Kuching town is like that. Syok. Need to pee or poo then too bad.

 The infamous mountain. 

Next semester, I'll be moving out. I hate my hostel! Hate it! Thinking about the flaws of it makes me angry. But the position is perfect and the rent is, haih, mou tak teng. I'll miss looking out the window, the stadium in particular. People running. Right now my uni's athletes are training. I love watching them. Being late isn't a problem. Only 5 minutes walk, 2 if I'm fast. My hostel is probably the most strategic place. Go where also near.

Kay bye!

26 April 2014

Of Kampung Mujat and its Iron Lady.

Last semester, a group of us went to Kampung Mujat, Serian to make a video about the Bidayuh's culture for our ethnic relation assignment. Our lecturers tell us how lucky we are to be in a goldmine of anthropology studies. Our fieldwork usually involves us going to a longhouse or some kampung. We went there by a van and the ride there was relatively fun because I sat in front (yay, no need to become sardin behind) and the driver talked about many interesting stuffs. I still remember his ghost story. *shivers* I forgot how many pintus (Doors. They measure the longhouses by the number of doors/ families in it) were there because before this I was stupid and ignorant and didn't know which aspects to focus on. Still am. 

Look at the amount of Astro dishes! Even I don't have one. Okay, very stereotypical of me to say that. 

Anyway, the intention of this post is for me to remember the iron lady there. When I first saw this pillar I thought it was a screw in it until the head of the village told me it is actually a bullet. I forgot if a war happened or they were simply attacked but one part of the longhouse was filled with bullets and bullet holes(?). 

If I'm not mistaken it was the Indonesians who did it. This place is quite close to the border of Indonesia. It fascinates me to see these holes because if they didn't tell me I would have thought they punctured the longhouse on purpose or just bad architecture. In my defence, I was stupid and ignorant. 

This is the iron lady. She was shot twice. TWICE. Forgot if at the same time or what but please, if it was me, I would probably die of a heart attack even before getting shot. The first bullet was taken out quite soon. The second bullet went through somewhere around her rib cage and was only taken out after a while. They told me after how long but I forgot. Ugh this is why I should have written this earlier. The bullet traveled to her arms and they took it out from there. 

Dr. Andrew, isn't this a perfect example of social history? Except I don't remember anything. #fail. The lady was very calm and shy. Someone that you would quietly admire. Next time, if possible, I would like to go back there to speak to her and ask her about her experience.