23 April 2015

How to Make a Chocolate Cake

When I was young, I got tricked by my cousin. The story goes like this...

I was playing outside with my brothers when my cousin came back home. She was my neighbour then. The moment she got out of the car she asked me, "you want to eat chocolate cake ma?" and went inside without waiting for my reply. Being a kid, of course I was excited upon realizing the prospect of me getting a chocolate cake without asking so I followed her in. I went to the kitchen to find her but realized she was in the toilet so I waited patiently for her to come out. I mean, chocolate cake is worth the wait right?! She took quite a while to come out but it's okay, at least she's out. But, after coming out she didn't offer me any chocolate cake. I was and still am a good kid, so I didn't ask her thinking she momentarily forgot. However, the good kid in me disappeared after 10 minutes caused I asked, "I thought you said you wanna give me chocolate cake?" and she replied, "the chocolate cake in the toilet bowl you go eat la." 

That my dear friends, is how I came to know how to make a chocolate cake.

15 February 2015

Shit Things my Brother Says.

After a heavy and fulfilling meal.

Me: Wah, so full can feel the layers forming on my stomach, like the pork we ate.
Tybalt: Glad that you know.


Tybalt: Fat la you.
Me: Fabulous body please.
Tybalt: Don't use that F word on me. 



After losing 4 kgs in a week.

Tybalt: Jie, I'm going to be the same weight as you already.

30 January 2015

You May Say I'm a Dreamer, but I'm Not the Only One.

I'm bringing dreams to a whole new level. Dreamt of something quite significant and while I was still dreaming, I told myself to find out the meaning behind it when I wake up. Something happened today. Nothing major but honestly, this adds to the stack of problems we already have and gawd is it shitty. Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Anyways, I tried to figure out the meaning and there's too many interpretations. Probably cause my dream had many meanings to it. I sometimes have recurring dreams and always wondered why but never had the initiative to find out its meaning. There was this dream that I had for many years since young and I wish I figured out the meaning sooner. It wasn't until I stopped dreaming about it that I understood why.

Okay, I'm just going to leave this hanging. Goodbye.

19 December 2014

After a while, you don't ask "what's wrong?" anymore,
You just stop asking altogether.

07 December 2014

Am I racist?

     Before the fall of Suharto, the constitution of Indonesia is such that Indonesians are only allowed "Indonesian names" regardless of ethnic groups. This is arguably to foster nationalism, unity and reduce racism. But to what extend is this method really successful and applicable to a multiracial country? If the same law was to be implemented in Malaysia, will people be against it or with it? I once had a conversation with two juniors. Both are children from mixed marriages and they believe that people shouldn't be labelled according to their "races" and that if races were to continue, what "race" are they? The point they tried to get across to me was that they are against racism. When we spoke of the condition in Indonesia i.e. the implementation of Indonesian names, they were very passionate about it and said that it was the best way since no one is categorized. I tried to reason with them whether that is truly the best way. My argument was that we all have our distinctive and unique culture and by forcing people to use a certain kind of name alone would not reduce racism. Whose names are we supposed to follow? The Malays? The Chinese? The Indians? Or the natives?

     I am not saying that what Indonesia is doing is wrong but that there are always two sides to a coin. Yes, it may foster nationalism. But what about the culture of the people that is being jeopardized? I definitely would not want anyone or any group to force me to do something that I don't want to. Like the Hudud Law, but that is another thing altogether. I wasn't trying to force them to agree to my opinion, I was just trying to make them look at other aspects. My juniors either could not understand my argument or they refused to listen as they kept supporting the Indonesian way (in a very scary and obsessive manner). I think they were trying to label me a racist indirectly because they kept saying things like "I'm so glad I found a likeminded person", "happy to know someone is against racism", "I'm very passionate bla bla bla" to each other. I gave up after a while because they refused to listen to my logic. So, I said in my mind, "ahhh, fuck off" and kept quiet.

 P/S: I might not have "listened" to their arguments either. Who knows.
 P/P/S: Please correct me if I'm wrong.

24 October 2014

This whole waiting thing, it's shit isn't it?

21 September 2014

Siem Reap

Apparently the prettiest temple, but all I could see was tourists. #notimpressed

10 July 2014

Late Night Rantings.

Looking through old photographs. I used to look at it all the time. A bit of a psycho if you ask me.

1. My dad brings his camera everywhere. He loves loves taking pictures. He would be the modern day guy-forever-with-his-dslr.

2. Tybalt makes a lot of funny faces when photographed. I even laughed when I saw some (I hardly laugh at anything besides humans).

3. I'm not sure if I'm an unhappy kid. I see myself sulking in most of my pictures. I didn't even change much. Except my face grew bigger so my eyes looked way smaller. And I WAS snow white, now I'm just hot black.

4. I had shit haircuts. Either that, or no hair. Bald since forever. Probably explains why I look like a boy those days.

5. My sleeping position didn't change. Used to sleep on my belly, still do.

6. As a child, I used to have pretty crazy tan lines. My body was quite muscular too (probably cause skinny). Hahah, self-praise.

7. My brothers and I, all 3 of us used to have the same nose. Not literally of course. Not sure now.

8. One of the photo reminded me of an incident. My dad hanged his phone on my neck. Then we went to eat and I placed the phone on the table and my grandma accidentally spilled water on the phone and it went crazy for a while and I felt damn damn guilty and kept saying sorry to my dad. He didn't blame me in the first place but still.

P/S: Mom used to shout at me around 1 am asking me to sleep. But since I only sleep after 5.30 or 6. am, now she just tells me to sleep latest by 3 am. I must be a horrible child.

05 July 2014

i just want to disappear hahahah